Engaging the Moment: Fastest Dog, Aging Dog

People admired Phoenix’s speed and agility. She was for a time the fastest dog in the dog park! So fast she appeared as if running on water when retrieving a ball or Frisbee thrown out over the lakes, streams, ponds and rivers we visited. I loved seeing her back legs advancing beyond her front as in the photo above. She seemed aware of and delighted with her gifts of speed.

Today’s Remedies

I believe that healing can take place with the simplest of gestures and that it is as much to do with the relationship and draw one might have to each approach or remedy as it is knowing the “right” one to use based strictly on facts

A Rooster In The House

This morning we slept until 6:45 before Charlie woke us with his most vibrant good-morning-crow. Phoenix was startled – as was the rest of the household -kitties and myself –with the volume coming from the office and jumped up, alert, headed for the door. In spite of the shocking reality of a rooster in the house it was good to see Phoenix so full of life, eager to greet the world.

Beautiful Life

It is with this sense of fullness in my heart that I wish to share our living experiences on this blog. I wish to give others facing HSA with their dog, or any dis-ease process within a loved one or themselves, hope. Hope and support in nurturing the most beautiful Life we have in the moment.