Engaging the Moment: Fastest Dog, Aging Dog

People frequently admired Phoenix’s speed and agility.  She was for a time the fastest dog in the dog park!  So fast she appeared as if running on water when retrieving a ball or Frisbee thrown out over the lakes, streams, ponds and rivers we visited.  I loved seeing her back legs advancing beyond her front as in the photo above.  She seemed aware of and delighted with her gifts of speed.

Today, watching her, it is a constant surrender into the aging process.  I wish for it to be less painful – the shift from holding on to the past to being fully present with Life in the moment.  She is teaching me this of course.  I keep imagining that what I am learning from Phoenix will be helpful in years to come.



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  1. Lynn says:

    After the diagnosis, the 9 tumor bleeding that you mention.. how did you handle that? Did you take her to vet each time and get transfusions? How did she recover from them?


    1. Jolly Marin says:

      Hello, Lynn, and all who may come across this blog. Thank you for your comments, and apologies, I had lost track of the blog – even how to access it for comments – until now August 2019. Although Phoenix did pass in 2017, very peacefully at home, her story and the entire experience, even the dying process remain with me in a most beautiful way – a way I wish to share at some point as the words integrate more fully and are ready to be expressed. In the meantime if anyone has questions – please write to me in the comments section and leave your email so I can write back to you with my direct contact info. I have, and am happy to share in writing or phone conversations more of what we did if it may help you in the journey with your dog. In brief to answer your question Lynn, although too late perhaps, but for anyone else regarding the bleeds: No, we did not get any transfusions. I gave her herbs – in capsules and homeopathics to stop the internal bleeds, as well any other symptoms. Yes, she recovered each time from a bleeding episode – took anywhere from 2-5 days of lethargy, poor appetite, but she kept bouncing back to the point of eating full meals, resuming walks in the park and playing ball in the back yard. I always considered her quality of life and tried my best to support whichever way she wanted to go – including whether it was time for her to leave the planet. There are numerous other ways we worked together…. Please don’t hesitate to write to me for more sharing or support.


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