Ketogenic Diet

Watching Phoenix respond so well to diet and natural remedies and living well past the prognosis for this type of cancer has led to a dream of starting a small study with terminally ill dogs that are deemed un-adoptable due to their illness.  I’d be interested in putting them on a clean diet with appropriate exercise, perhaps some supplementation and see what happens.  Under a holistic veterinarian’s supervision of course.

Last week a friend found and forwarded me a link to the Ketopet Sanctuary (KPS).  I was super excited to hear what they were doing – its my dream – and beyond!   They are taking terminally ill, un-adoptable dogs from the local shelters, putting them on specific diets and exercise protocols and seeing great results!  The diet they use is a ketogenic diet and the term they use for exercise is metabolic conditioning – Yes! Perfect!

I contacted the sanctuary to inquire about their program and see if there might be something else that I could add to Phoenix’s care.  They indicate having good results – even in dogs with hemangiosarcoma.   In all of my research to date I have not found such positive notes around this illness.

The sanctuary returned my call and email.  After hearing about Phoenix’s story they provided me with a ketogenic diet specifically for her weight and age and condition.  It was pretty close to what we were doing – raw foods, small amounts, intermittent fasting, but I was missing some key aspects – the fat content for one, and I would often feed her several times a day which included occasional cooked food and snacks.  At KPS they recommend 100% raw, and just the two meals unless of course cooked is the only thing you can get your sick doggie to eat.

The science behind the diet makes sense – for one it is species specific – closest to what a normal dog would eat in the wild.  The rest of the science I understand to some degree, but could not do it justice with any explanation myself.  Check out their website and facebook page for more information.

I started Phoenix on this plan about five days ago.  She was already doing fairly well all things considered, and I felt her energy levels picking up even more.  She was looking brighter and I was feeling even more hopeful than before.  I’m saying “was” because we had a set back in just the past day before I got to post this entry.  Yesterday in a very bizarre and scary occurrence Phoenix was attacked by two large dogs while we were out on walk.

I may share the story in another post but am currently  in recovery from the shock, physical exertion and injuries to myself from fighting off the dogs and trying to come to terms with the incident and the condition in which it has left us.

Phoenix is stable, but compromised significantly with another bleed and bulging out of either the present tumor, or two new hemotomas from the impact of the attack.

I circle back to my introduction:

Everyday I tell myself  “I don’t know”.   I don’t really know what her fate is.   I know what is before me – a living essence – and all I wish to do is nurture that essence – in whatever direction it wants to go.

Phoenix in recovery mode wearing a loose band holding a comfrey leaf poultice in place over her wounds

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  1. Heidi Smith says:

    So sorry to read about the attack. 🙁🙁🙁


    1. Jolly Marin says:

      Thank you Heidi! She is recovering – amazingly – went for an hour long walk this afternoon!


  2. Cheryl says:

    Sending both Phoenix and yourself, Healing Energies, Love, Blessings and prayers for comfort. Phoenix is an absolutely amazingly gorgeous little girl. Do not dwell on negative thoughts, send Phoenix only positive thoughts and energies. You will be amazed how she will react. Continue to talk to her with your heart. She hears every word you say, believe me. I am so glad you are blessed with a friend that thought to give you the info on KetoPets. They are awesome. I, too, have shared their info with a Facebook friend who’s dog was recently (2.5 mons ago) diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer and given one month to live. The dog’s name is Charlie and he’s still with us. (Thank you Lord) If you’d like to share thoughts with Charlie and his pet daddy, Michael Weiss, they have a Facebook page called “Charlie and Friends”

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