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“It has been with this experience that I realize how much I enjoy nurturing the living essence we call Life.   The deepening I mentioned that I don’t have words for seems to fall in the lines of a Joy, a fullness I experience in caring for Phoenix, not just as my dog, but as representative of the living essence itself”

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This story of Phoenix has been wanting to come out for over a year and I’m happy to be launching it this fall of 2016!

The natural healing capabilities of the Earth and her inhabitants have been of infinite interest to me throughout my life.  I have degrees in plant science, and physical therapy with continuing education in canine rehabilitation, holistic nutrition, botanical and energy medicines, and am currently studying as a Functional Medicine Health Coach – applying for national certification in 2017.

I’m trying on the pen name of Jolly Marin which was shouted out to me one day in a public facility so loudly and in such a way that it anchored in as a true calling, or perhaps an extension of another lifetime!

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